Python Dictionaries

 Python Dictionaries

Python dictionary is a collection of data and it is stored in the form of key:value pairs. Dictionaries are ordered, changeable and duplicates are not allowed. Dictionary is case sensitive.

Creating Python Dictionaries:

Dictionaries are created by placing the keys:values separated by commas inside the curly brackets.


Creating Python Dictionaries

Adding the elements to dictionary:

If the key is already present it’ll get updated but if the key is not there, the pair will get added to the dictionary.


Adding elements to the dictionary

Nested dictionaries:


Nested Dictionary

Inbuilt Python Dictionary Methods:

copy( )- Returns a copy of the dictionary

clear( )- Removes all the elements of dictionary

get( )- Returns the value of that particular key

keys( )- Returns a list of all the keys in the dictionary

values( )- Returns a list of all the values in the dictionary

pop( )- Removes the value of the specified key

Update( )- Updates the dictionary with key:value pairs 

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