Matplotlib library in Python for data science:

 Matplotlib library in Python for data science:

Matplotlib library is used for 2D data visualization. Matplotlib depends on NumPy for scientific calculation, and it also depends on Pandas for data manipulation and analysis. Large data sets can be visualized by using various types of graphs, histograms, bar chart, pie chart etc. Pyplot is the submodule of Matplotlib which is used extensively for visualization.

Installation and Getting started:

Matplotlib can be installed by typing the command pip install matplotlib in the command prompt. For getting started type the following code

Import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Various types of plots in Matplotlib:

1) Line plot:


Line plot in Matplotlib in Python

2) Bar plot


Bar Plot in Matplotlib in Python

3) Histogram


Histogram in Matplotlib in Python

4) Scatter plot


Scatterplot in Matplotlib in Python

5) Pie chart:


Pie chart in Matplotlib in Python

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